About our Speakers

Father Dominic Garramone, OSB is a monk of Saint Bede Abbey in Peru IL. He is the head of the Religion department at Saint Bede Academy and sacraments and comparative religions. He was the host of the PBS cooking show “Breaking Bread with Father Dominic” from 1999 to 2001, and has written nine cookbooks, most recently Baking Secrets from the Bread Monk, published by Reedy Press.

Father Dom says he got his gardening education from his grandmother, who (he claims) could grow prize tomatoes in the cracks of the sidewalk. When not baking or teaching, he can usually be found in his herb garden just outside the abbey kitchen. Father Dominic started herb gardening after joining the monastery, and shortly thereafter began writing for Phyllis Shaudys’ newsletter Potpourri from Herbal Acres. He is a regular speaker on a variety of topics at Extension meetings and conferences throughout the Midwest.

Brent Heath's family has been growing bulbs since 1900 when his grandfather moved to this area after falling in love with the Daffodil.  Today, he still loves the Daffodil, but offer SO much more!  Bulbs, seeds, perennials, plants, supplements, books, gifts ...they've really evolved!
They live and work on their 28 acre farm and gardens in Gloucester, VA.  They are pleased to be flower bulb suppliers, garden writers, photographers, lecturers, consultants and educators as they develop 8+ acres of educational, Chesapeake Bay friendly gardens.

Dayempur Farm is the home of Dayempur Herbals. Located in the rolling hills of Southern Illinois. Dayempur Farm has always been and remains, free of chemical use in the soil, air and water. Terry Hickey is general manager of Dayempur Herbals, a regional business located in Carbondale, Illinois that handcrafts all natural herbal remedies. These remedies are located in over 30 natural/health food stores across the Midwest. Terry has been involved in organic farming and sustainable living for over 20 years. She is active in providing educational workshops on herbal medicine and natural healthcare, is founder of "Women's Health Naturally", a regional expo and workshops annually held in Carbondale, Illinois. Terry is a strong advocate for natural healthcare practices and loves to share her belief in and experience with nature's healing power. Anita Brown is a Certified Clinical Thermographer and the Director of Midwest Medical Thermography serving Southern and Central Illinois, Cape Girardeau and Paducah, Kentucky. She has a longstanding interest in natural medicine including homeopathy, herbs and women's health. She is a student in Dr. Aviva Romm's "Herbal Medicine for Women" course. Anita is committed to sharing her passion and knowledge through educational talks on topics ranging from women's health and herbal medicines to medical thermography.

Diane & Roger Brueckman - Diane's first experience with growing roses was 45 years ago in Buffalo, NY where she found 2 old climbers in the back yard. Diane then added two gas station give away roses and she was hooked. When Diane moved back to St. Louis she found the Botanical Garden and started volunteering in the rose garden. The next step was a Horticulture program at Meramec Community College. She completed a degree and came back to volunteer again at the Garden. In 1995, Diane applied for the Rosarian position, was hired and remained until retirement in 2005. Over the years Diane has visited many public and private rose gardens, attended rose conventions, taught classes on growing roses and contributed to articles on roses in various publications. She is currently writing articles for Gateway Gardening on roses. She and her husband have also started a small business selling roses and perennials called Rosey Acres.

Birds-I-View - Steve and Regina Garr have spent decades presenting programs on attracting desirable wildlife to almost any setting. They are co-founders of two state Bluebird societies and Steve is a past president of the North America Bluebird Society. From Hummingbird Research to leading "Owl Prowls", Steve and Regina try to stay involved in all aspects of enjoying wild birds!