2024 Schedule 
March 8, 2024

10:00 am

    Herbs in Stacked Pots

      Christine Leuking, Agriculture & Natural Resource Extension Educator, U of I, Are you looking for an easy way to spice up your kitchen and meals with fresh herbs? This workshop will give you the hands-on techniques to create your own stackable culinary herb garden for your family. You can learn more about the 2024 Herb of the Year - Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) and other herbs that grow well in small containers. Chris Lueking, Extension Educator, will give tips and tricks to help save money for your grocery budget by planting your stackable herb garden.  

11:00 am

    Growing Native Shrubs

    Tom Guggenheim, PhD, ISA Certified Arborist, Following the concepts of Douglas Tallamy on Growing Native Shrubs, Tom explains why you should plant Native Shrubs on your property. Benefits over commercial nursery stock. Planting native species is essential for the restoration of wildlife and provisional of food for animals and birds.

12:30 pm

   Tick and Mosquito Program

     Holly C. Tuten, University of Illinois, Associate Research Scientist - Vector Ecology, will share information on the Mosquito and Tick surveillance and research programs at the University of Illinois’ Prairie Research Institute Medical Entomology Lab. Topics will include general vector biology, bite prevention and risk awareness messaging, surveillance and research results. She will also share ongoing and upcoming opportunities for you to participate in community-engaged surveillance, research, and prevention messaging on vectors and tick-borne diseases in Illinois. Directions for acquiring outreach and awareness materials for your own programs will be provided.  

1:30 pm

    Forest Park Owls: Hiding in Plain Site

     Mark Glenshaw, Award-winning naturalist, has closely observed and documented the lives of Great Horned Owls in Forest Park, a large urban park in St. Louis, Missouri, since December 2005.  Mark’s talk will cover how he found these owls, basic facts about the species, and uses many of his photos and videos to illustrate the amazing behaviors of these beautiful birds.   

2:30 pm

    Tree and Shrub Care -  Using the Douglas Tallamy Concepts

      Tom Guggenheim, PhD, ISA Certified Arborist,  Basics of Planting and Caring for Trees and Shrubs, site selections, transporting the Trees/Shrubs purchased, planting instructions, care after planting, and enjoy.  

3:30 pm

   Landscaping with Native Plants

    Anne Butsch, Master Gardener and past-President of the Indiania Native Plant Society,  Anne's interest is teaching people how to use native plants in residential landscapes and urban areas to support urban wildlife and improving biodiversity in these (often) ecological wastelands. Gardens on ¼ acre lot in mid-century modern neighborhood. 

4:30 pm

   Honey, Hive Health, Helping Bees and More

    Crystal Hemby, HEMBEEZ Honey, She will explore basic beekeeping, how to maintain a healthy hive and everyday things that you can do to save the bees.   Bees are a major pollinator which live in large colonies.  Did you know that it takes almost a half a million flower visits to make just 1 teaspoon of honey?  Bees and other pollinators are responsible for 2/3 of the food we eat everyday!!!   We will also discuss some of the health benefits associated with Raw Honey and other products sourced from the hives.  

March 9, 2024

10:00 am

   Grow Blackberries

     Justin Stevens, Blackberry Hollow, Nason, IL, Want to learn how to grow blackberries? This is your chance! Blackberry Hollow is excited to offer an in-depth Blackberry Growing class. This class will include a wide array of information, tips and techniques to help you become an expert berry grower! Listed below are just a few of the topics that will be discussed: -Different blackberry varieties -Growing traits and characteristics -Trellising techniques -Watering and fertilization -Insects and common diseases -Pruning and maintenance practices -Weed Mitigation -Bird and wildlife control.

11:00 am

   Hummingbirds and Native Plants are Made for Each Other

       Birds-I-View, Steve & Regina Garr,  Jefferson City, MO, Take a close up look at unique attributes that make hummingbirds and native plants a beautiful (and important) fit in any garden.

12:30 pm

 Using Herbs & Spices to Make Common Foods International

Chef Robert Rhymes, Kaskaskia College -  Chef Rhymes will give you ideas and tips for using Herbs and Spices with a live demonstration.

1:30 m

    Photographing Ancient Indian Artifacts

      Mike Chervinko, Photographer, A visual journey into the scared, the unknown, and creation of the universe. The presentation delves into award winning photographer Mike Chervinko’s personal relationship with some of the most enigmatic cultural remnants from our prehistoric past, Native American Rock Art. Join him in this visual journey as he displays this intimate relationship he has built with these scared sites. He has spent the past 13 years researching, exploring and photo documenting sites in both Illinois and Missouri, and his images, some of his stories about how he photographed these places, are sure to educate and entertain. Additionally, he is the author of recently released book Prehistoric and Natural Wonders of Southern Illinois, and his photographs have been exhibited regionally, including a forth coming exhibition with the Illinois State Museum. He has been described as an Indiana Jones of photography because of the extreme efforts he sometimes puts into this work. But it is a deep passion for these sacred images that keeps him coming back for more. 

2:30 pm

    Native Plants

      Donnarae Woolston, Ancient Native Nursery, Poseyville, IN. Donnarae has always been a nature lover, often exploring and admiring life that grew around her as a child. She began to reclaim her own land and woods when she learned how imperative native plants were to the ecosystem that supports wildlife and human health. Native plants became her passion. Donnarae, with support of her husband Daniel opened a native plant nursery, Ancient Roots Native Plants. The mission is to provide access and knowledge of native plants and their importance. She will share with you how to start creating a beautiful habitat for the ecosystem right in your own back yard.